Changes to Superannuation Contributions Caps

If you weren’t aware, there were changes from 1 July 2017 in regards to your super. This affects how much you can contribute to your superannuation account without exceeding the contribution caps, as well as the tax payable on certain contributions, and eligibility for some tax concessions. To help, we’ve broken down how it may impact…

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Trade Wars & Impact On The Investor Market

Trump Vs Rest of World Trade Wars

Trump vs. the World – Our perspective on world markets and the impact of Trade Wars If the week’s headline doesn’t mention the words Australian Cricket and cheating scandal, we are instead bombarded with news from the States surrounding Mr Trump and his next move. This leads comfortably into the topic of trade wars and…

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The share market fall, what does it mean?

Share market fall February 2018

Should we be worried about the recent share market fall both locally and overseas? After an exceptionally strong year in markets throughout 2017, volatility over the past few days has struck back. At the time of this writing, the S&P 500® Index has fallen roughly 10% from its record close in late January. The Australian…

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Have you made your 2018 financial resolutions?

Financial resolutions, he's how to start 2017

Have you been feeling the financial impacts in 2017? How about starting with one Financial Resolution to get Ahead? Let’s start with considering financial resolutions or goals for 2018 as we know it’s been a tough financial year for many families and small businesses. Taking control of it, 2018 doesn’t have to be. While we don’t want…

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Investor Market Wrap Up 2017

Investor Market Wrap UP 2017

Is the Investor Market a year of Triumph for both Aussie and Overseas Investors? In summary, 2017 has been a successful year on both our local and overseas share markets. Entering 2017, investors worried that the forces which led to the election of US President Donald Trump would spill over into Europe and signal a continued rise…

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