What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

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What is a self managed super fund? A Self Managed Super Fund (or SMSF) is a superannuation fund where you, the members, are also the trustees of the fund. Trustees of superannuation funds have total control over the Fund, including the investment approach, and are finally responsible for the retirement needs of each member. This…

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What exactly does a financial planner do?

Part 1 If you have ever wondered what a financial planner is, or what they can deliver to improve your financial wellbeing, here is a simplistic breakdown to help get you started. Firstly a qualified and licensed financial planner is the only professional permitted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) that can provide…

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Worried With Stock Market Drops?

The current media reports and weak performance of stock markets may cause worry among us. Below we summarise the larger matters at play. Most of the concerns which were present in 2015 have flowed into this year and generated a poor start to the year for shares. Bloomberg reports these include a sharp fall in Chinese shares and the falling in…

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Top 5 Financial Resolutions for 2016

For many, a New Year is a fresh beginning and the perfect time to start setting goals to improve areas of your life. Our team at Jade Private Wealth have shared the top 5 financial resolutions for 2016 and ways you can achieve your own goals when it comes to money. Importantly, to actually achieve ANY goal you need…

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When Should You Retire?

When should you retire? How much will you need to live on in retirement? What does the age pension really mean? There’s a lot of questions to consider before you retire…. Saving for retirement is real and there is so much you can do above and beyond simply receiving contributions from your employer, especially if you want…

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