Tax Time Checklist For Employees

Tax Refunds Are Nice 🙂

When tax time comes around you can feel swamped with a heap of papers to get together, and then it is a matter of finding them.

This tax checklist will help specifically if you have introduced a new property to your personal portfolio or where you may have started studying again and using government benefits to supplement this OR maybe you are simply looking for a helpful list of what you require.

Let’s get you started.

The information herein is for personal taxes and employees who are PAYG.

Your income and expenses:

If you have a spouse, you will need details of their income and expenses – and it may help to complete the income test questions to ensure any government benefits you are entitled to are correct.


If you have shares, units, managed funds or other investments you will need access to:

  • Personally owned dividend payments and distributions from managed funds
  • Where there has been a disposal of shares, units and rental properties, any information relating to gains or losses
  • Details for ongoing payments to support your personal investments where income has been generated, such as financial planning fees

Please note reporting from providers such as investment funds can take a couple of months to reconcile with all vendors.

Rental properties:

If you own a rental property you will need details of:

  • rental income earned, such as a rental income report from your property management team
  • interest charged on money you borrowed for the rental property, this should be available on your bank statement related to the mortgage
  • other expenses relating to the property, including any expenditure on capital works. Receipts or a ledger via your property management team

Other information you will require:

  • Your tax file number
  • Medicare information
  • Private health insurance details
  • HELP/HECS debt


Happy tax time!

The information contained herein has been sourced from the Australian Tax Office. We cannot provide personal taxation advice and recommend you speak to a professional tax agent for advice. 

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